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Erik Massih ersätter Dave Graham

11 AUG 2010 09:24
Erik Massih ersätter Dave Graham i showen på fredag
  • Uppdaterad: 07 JUN 2016 20:04

"Dear Organizers and Swedish climbers....

I am dreadfully sorry to admit that when I left the European Union the last time, I had been in violation of the Shengen passport laws which had been instated in 2008. This meant that I had to pay a small fine, but also respect the travel visa limitations instated by my passport, and leave the EU and Switzerland for a period of 90 days. As this was on the 28th of May, it dashed my hopes for visiting Stockholm and Goteburg for two events I was booked to do. I feel terrible about not being able to fulfill my commitment with to these events, but I also feel rather helpless, considering the circumstances, which is the worst part. I send my apologies to the organizers and whomever else will be let down by my inability to appear out in Sweden this summer. I hope the fine people of this country will forgive me for not appearing this time, and will someday hope engage in future events with a nomadic-American climber, who does not have the best luck sometimes. "


Skribent: Dave Graham

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